Standard Offerings and Toolkit Approaches

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Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's)

DHS offers expert services for organizations thinking about joining or forming an ACO, including:

  • Thought Partnership/Strategic Planning: Serve as a strategic partner in developing and implementing an effective long-term ACO strategy and throughout the organizational transformation process
  • Governance: Design, charter and implement governance models to facilitate productive communication between stakeholders and ensure relevant information input and decision output
  • Regulatory Compliance: Support efforts to understand, address and respond to regulatory requirements, including state submissions and readiness reviews, and meet associated deadlines
  • RFI/RFP Responses: Facilitate comprehensive, thoughtful and effective responses to state RFIs and RFPs
  • Model of Care: Help develop and implement new models of care, including care coordination and integration
  • Network Development*: Collaborate on assessing, designing, building and integrating a provider network that meets the needs of ACO patients and fulfills regulatory requirements
  • Risk Modeling/Analytics*: Provide analytic and actuarial support in developing cost and utilization targets and annual budgets; and creating, monitoring and reporting on success measures
  • Operations and Technology*: Compare current ACO capabilities to statutory requirements and the desired future-state; identify gaps and associated implications
  • Organizational Design and Capacity Planning: Provide insight and assistance related to the organization’s ability to support the ACO model, and in developing and executing risk mitigation and staffing plans
  • MOSAIC Maturity Model AssessmentTM: Analyze an ACO’s current maturity level and determine targeted areas for improvement in key capability areas
  • Communications and Training: Provide guidance and support related to external and internal stakeholder communication, outreach and training
  • Change Management: Help manage the change that internal stakeholders of all levels and backgrounds will experience during the transformation and under the new model
  • Project Management: Build and manage tactical plans, and work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that deadlines are understood and met

* with strategic partner


"Day Health Strategies turned a struggling start-up into an organization that now stands fully on its own. Rosemarie and her team brought a highly effective, experience-based approach to each challenge. From smart strategic planning to improved operations and database design, from turning around the budget to rapid hiring and team-building, they added value every step of the way. Provider Network Alliance would not be where it is today without their work. They made a huge difference!"

Deborah Joelson, Senior VP of Strategic Services, Tufts Medical Center and Board Member, Provider Network Alliance