Standard Offerings and Toolkit Approaches

Develop and execute your strategy with the help of our deep expertise and proven tools.

Connecting Business Strategy and Execution

Day Health Strategies uses proven tools to help organizations turn business strategy into execution.


  • Strategic Planning: Supports clients developing strategy by performing an environmental scan, conducting a SWOT analysis, determining the organization's overall strategy, and creating a differentiated approach. 


  • Tactical Planning: Serves clients by assisting with collaborative planning, and ensuring success.
    • Strategy Mapping: Determines organizational goals, key objectives, targeted success measures, select strategies, and specific tactics.
    • Dashboarding: Identifies areas to be tracked, targeted metrics, data owners, data sources, and use that information to create a dashboard and sustainability plan.
  • Developing New Offerings: Supports clients developing new offerings by performing an environmental scan, conducting a market analysis, completing a capabilities assessment, executing an impact analysis, completing a business analysis and creating a go-to-market strategy. 
  • Organizational Design & Effectiveness
    • MOSAIC Maturity Model: Uses the model and its accompanying diagnostic tools to assess the maturity of a business’ most critical capabilities in order to pinpoint areas of relative weaknesses or strength and use this information to map a path forward.
    • Governance Planning: Improves governance by creating a structured governance plan, providing guidance on effective meetings, and refining roles and responsibilities.
    • Human Resources and Interim Planning: Provides support for reorganizations, assist with role development, and help plan interim solutions.


  • Change Management: Develops change management approaches from identifying and assessing risks, to developing strategies, to measuring and tracking results.
  • Project Management: Provides support by creating roadmaps and project plans,  coordinating and tracking the completion of deliverables, keeping leadership informed of progress, managing risks, and ensuring the project is on track.
  • Training: Assists with creating a training program plan, and/or vendor sections. Provides general staff and healthcare specific training.
  • Program Evaluation: Uses a collaborative approach to develop and conduct an evaluation plan for various types of programs. 


Maturing Organizations’ Strategic Assessment of Internal Capabilties





"Day Health Strategies turned a struggling start-up into an organization that now stands fully on its own. Rosemarie and her team brought a highly effective, experience-based approach to each challenge. From smart strategic planning to improved operations and database design, from turning around the budget to rapid hiring and team-building, they added value every step of the way. Provider Network Alliance would not be where it is today without their work. They made a huge difference!"

Deborah Joelson, Senior VP of Strategic Services, Tufts Medical Center and Board Member, Provider Network Alliance