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Rosemarie Day, Ross Weiler, and Sarah Matousek are highly experienced public speakers who get top ratings from a wide variety of audiences.

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Upcoming Engagements

  • Wednesday, 24 June 2015

    Innovations in Smarter Care and Social Programs

    9am-3pm60 State Street, Boston, MA

    IBM is convening a meeting of influential stakeholders to examine new and innovative ways to address some of the most challenging issues facing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Rosemarie Day will be speaking about integrated eligibility from 1:15-2:05pm. Read more here.

  • Tuesday, 14 July 2015

    ACA Implementation: The Next Hurdles (or Steps) for Exchanges


    This webinar will feature an in-depth discussion of the status of the state and federal exchanges and the implications of the Supreme Court's King v. Burwell decision on the continued viability of the current coverage models. A comprehensive national perspective from the states' point of view will be presented along with a federal regulatory perspective from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Rosemarie will discuss the importance of consumer functionality as well as what lies ahead for state exchanges. 

    Read more about the event here.

  • Thursday, 1 October 2015

    Exchanges: Back to the Future?

    Waltham Woods Conference Center, 860 Winter Street, Waltham, MA

    Public exchanges are approaching their third year and private exchanges continue their burgeoning growth.  Some of the foremost exchange experts, including Rosemarie Day, will share their prognostications in this engaging and enlightening session.

    This event will be held by the New England Employees Benefit Council (NEEBC). 



"Rosemarie Day spoke to our cross sector summit of healthcare CEOs running insurance companies, provider organizations, pharmaceutical, device and other service companies about the implications of national healthcare reform, with a particular focus on how her own lessons learned from running the MA Health Connector would provide insight for those contemplating their role in the health care exchanges.  Her session was highly rated, with one CEO saying she was 'the best speaker yet', partially because of her deep experience, strategic insight, understanding of a political operating environment, and her lack of defensiveness when pressed about issues such as general healthcare expenditure cost control."

Brenda Curiel, Managing Director, Center for Corporate Innovation (CCI)clientspng_16