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Rosemarie Day is a highly engaging and experienced public speaker who gets top ratings from a wide variety of audiences.

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Upcoming Engagements

  • Thursday, 1 March 2018

    11th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Summit

    9:15- 10:15 Washington DC

    Rosemarie Day will speak on a panel entitled: Super Waivers, Exchanges, and the Single Payer Option: Determine the Market Possibilities Under 1332

    Amidst the talk of the future of exchanges, a potential single payer system, and the idea of a super waiver combo 1115-1332, there is much speculation but also real possibility for change under a waiver or block grant structure. Discuss what is permissible under 1332 and how the marketplace interaction that occurs between the Medicaid and private sector is changing.

    • Survey the possibilities under 1332 to determine what is actually feasible and ready to be implemented in the near future
    • Determine how a section 1332 waiver provision would work to allow states greater flexibility in benefit design under Medicaid
    • Discuss the creation of an offering that captures the Medicaid population in the private market that is not full Medicaid expansion


"Rosemarie Day spoke to our cross sector summit of healthcare CEOs running insurance companies, provider organizations, pharmaceutical, device and other service companies about the implications of national healthcare reform, with a particular focus on how her own lessons learned from running the MA Health Connector would provide insight for those contemplating their role in the health care exchanges.  Her session was highly rated, with one CEO saying she was 'the best speaker yet', partially because of her deep experience, strategic insight, understanding of a political operating environment, and her lack of defensiveness when pressed about issues such as general healthcare expenditure cost control."

Brenda Curiel, Managing Director, Center for Corporate Innovation (CCI)clientspng_16