Private Sector Businesses

Whether you are an employer with questions about the health care marketplace, a business that wants to better understand the ripple effects of health reform, or you are interested in the emerging private exchange marketplace, we can help. 

Benefits Marketplace and Exchange Selection Service 

Day Health Strategies has extensive experience in working with public and private benefits marketplaces and exchanges. We have a deep understanding and inside perspective of how they operate. This puts us in a unique position to help organizations evaluate these marketplace solutions.

The Day Health Strategies team offers decision support, selection assistance, implementation, and evaluation for employers, associations, municipalities, and state employee groups considering a benefits marketplace or exchange solution for employee/member benefits.

  • We provide unbiased, experienced advice.
  • We are capable of helping any employer navigate this complex and rapidly evolving new marketplace.
  • We tailor our approach to fit your individual needs.

How can an exchange add value for employers?

  • Increase cost predictability (through defined contribution).
  • Reduce administrative burden and enhance administrative efficiency.
  • Offer a broader choice of benefits and expand access to coverage.
  • Increase employee/member education and engagement through decision support tools and wellness programs.
  • Automate Affordable Care Act compliance and reporting.

A benefit marketplace or exchange strategy may not be a good fit for every group.  Our unbiased position allows us to help make the right decision, even if it is no.  For groups that decide a private exchange is a good fit for their employees, we are able to quickly sort through the 180+ options to select the right partner, using our proven approach. 


"Rosemarie has a gift in making connections across boundaries - be they geographic, cultural, academic, or other.  Rosemarie brings visible energy and optimism to her work.  She inspires her clients and audiences through a clear message of hope and courage that comes from knowing that change and transformation is difficult, but not impossible when dedicated minds bring their collective wisdom together and are willing to work across traditional boundaries."

Tarja Mottram, CEO, Action for Results, Inc.