September 7, 2017 | Rosemarie Day

Healthcare Finance News: Senate committee recommends extending cost-sharing reduction payments through 2018

“Rosemarie Day, founder of Day Health Strategies and former chief operating officer of the Massachusetts Health Connector, said she learned through her work in Massachusetts that insurers need to be treated as business partners.

‘The longer the time horizon you can give, the better it can be for more stabilization,’ Day said. ‘Two years are better than one year. If you create uncertainty, you get a real bad partner.’

The ripple effect of having consumers uninsured is that hospitals bear the cost of uncompensated care, she said.

The individual market of about 22 million people represents about 7 percent of the health insurance market. Many in this market find coverage unaffordable and need the break in deductibles and out-of-pocket costs insurers provide through CSRs, she said.

While Republicans have tried to repeal and replace the ACA, it’s become clear from the pushback to these efforts that people want the ACA fixed, and not repealed, Day said.”

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