January 9, 2018 | Rosemarie Day

Healthcare Dive: Could narrow networks be the next big cost cutter?

“Rosemarie Day, ​former deputy director and chief operating officer of the Massachusetts Health Connector, the precursor to the ACA exchanges, said the state viewed high-quality community hospitals as an important piece of containing health costs and improving quality.

These could be smaller community hospitals that don’t have the brand recognition of a larger health system, said Day, who now runs her own consulting firm. …

Day suggested employers shouldn’t ignore any plan design that can reduce healthcare costs. “When you see that healthcare costs continue to outpace inflation, nothing should be off the table for employers to consider,” she said. …

“This isn’t simply cutting rates. It’s about improving quality and outcomes in smart ways to control costs overall,” Day said. “This can be very strategic and serve multiple purposes.””

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