Health Care Organizations

Day Health Strategies helps organizations turn strategy into execution through skillful use of a strong toolkit, which includes our MOSAIC Maturity ModelTM

What We Have Done for Providers

  • A Medicaid Accountable Care Organization: DHS helped design and implement a Medicaid ACO, which included assisting in the creation of a governance structure, developing the model of care, completing regulatory compliance submissions, and assisting with investment planning and project management. 
  • A large provider network and two major city hospitals: DHS provided strategic planning to help clients identify their health reform-related goals and develop plans to achieve them, including change management approaches. From designing and facilitating Board retreats, to leading the development of Balanced Scorecards, DHS provided clarity and focus in navigating complex endeavors.
  • A new provider network: DHS helped to launch a new provider network to serve a federal CO-OP health plan. DHS helped to control the budget and reduce waste, obtained new and skilled vendors, helped to broaden the provider network’s reach, built and implemented a better provider database, and moved functions in-house and hired staff, ultimately turning a start-up into an independently functioning organization.
  • A large children’s hospital: DHS performed an initial assessment of payment reform opportunities, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and what would be required for a successful implementation.
  • Local nonprofit providers: DHS has tracked and synthesized policy and program developments in payment reform to help identify new approaches and opportunities.
  • A provider network: DHS helped transform the approach to care management by redesigning a care management department:
    • Conducted a current state analysis, market analysis, aided in model selection, and redesigned the patient assessment and processes.
    • Assisted in updating their hiring and candidate evaluation process.
    • Helped develop a new orientation and onboarding program. 

Highlighted Expertise Areas

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"Day Health Strategies turned a struggling start-up into an organization that now stands fully on its own. Rosemarie and her team brought a highly effective, experience-based approach to each challenge. From smart strategic planning to improved operations and database design, from turning around the budget to rapid hiring and team-building, they added value every step of the way. Provider Network Alliance would not be where it is today without their work. They made a huge difference!"

Deborah Joelson, Senior VP of Strategic Services, Tufts Medical Center and Board Member, Provider Network Alliance