Health Care Organizations

Day Health Strategies helps organizations turn strategy into execution through skillful use of a strong toolkit, which includes our MOSAIC Maturity ModelTM. 

How We Can Help Your Organization

  • From providing guidance on how to make strategic choices and deal with difficult tradeoffs, to operationalizing change quickly while managing cultural dynamics, Day Health Strategies can help organizations move into new areas and improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Day Health Strategies has developed a large toolkit in working with organizations in the public and private sector, and has led strategic planning initiatives and significant change management processes in a wide variety of organizations.
  • Day Health Strategies brings an organized, hands-on approach. The DHS team sets clear goals, establishes a project management plan, and ensures careful use of all original resources.

Highlighted Expertise Areas

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"Rosemarie did an outstanding job as our interim COO - she added a great deal of value in a short period of time.  She helped to position our network for new growth opportunities by providing strategic advice and team leadership as we developed our new Balanced Scorecard and strategic plan. With her guidance, we were able to make tremendous progress."

Jeffrey Lasker, MD, President and CEO, New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA)