Private Sector Businesses

Whether you are an employer with questions about the health care marketplace, a business that wants to better understand the ripple effects of health reform, or you are interested in the emerging private exchange marketplace, we can help. 

Private Exchange Workshop

DHS can facilitate a workshop session to provide your management team with critical background information on the burgeoning private and public health insurance exchange markets.  Here is what you can expect:

  • Private exchange information specifically tailored to what your group needs to know.
  • Interactive tools and discussions to help you start on the path toward deciding whether a private exchange option might be fit for the unique needs of your organization.


"Rosemarie has a gift in making connections across boundaries - be they geographic, cultural, academic, or other.  Rosemarie brings visible energy and optimism to her work.  She inspires her clients and audiences through a clear message of hope and courage that comes from knowing that change and transformation is difficult, but not impossible when dedicated minds bring their collective wisdom together and are willing to work across traditional boundaries."

Tarja Mottram, CEO, Action for Results, Inc.