December 18, 2018 | Rosemarie Day

MedPage Today: ACA Ruling: No Immediate Impact, but Changes the Conversation

“Outside of Capitol Hill, the best bet for insurers and others tied to the marketplaces is to continue on as usual, said Rosemarie Day, a health insurance consultant in Somerville, Mass. “As a practical matter, any reputable entity is continuing forward with the ACA as is,” she said. “There’s nothing legally that has changed.” If MORE

December 17, 2018 | Lisette Roman

Mindfulness for Increased Productivity at Work

Aim: Slow down to speed up. Practicing mindfulness at work might seem counter-intuitive to productivity, but by taking moments to thoughtfully pause or slow down, you can become more efficient, productive, happy, resilient, and healthy at work. Remember: We can let go of most distractions- We need to be cognizant that most distractions are negligible, and MORE

December 10, 2018 | Rosemarie Day

Modern Healthcare: Why one state that did everything right is still losing ACA exchange enrollment

“But even in the sixth open enrollment period since the inception of the exchanges, marketing and advertising remain important because the individual market’s membership is constantly changing, unlike the more stable employer-sponsored insurance market, said Rosemarie Day, founder and CEO of consultancy Day Health Strategies. “You’re not dealing with the same customer base every year,” MORE