April 17, 2018 | Ross Weiler

HealthPayer Intelligence: How Payers Can Succeed in Association Health Plan Markets

“Ross Weiler, principal at Day Health Strategies, concurs with other health plan experts and believes the new market would drastically affect health plan affordability within the regulated markets. Weiler added that payers participating in ACA-compliant health markets may experience harsh financial losses. “As AHPs grow the ACA-compliant risk pools which currently cover about 12 million MORE

April 17, 2018 | Rosemarie Day

Modern Healthcare: 50 shades of healthcare: Bit by bit, the Affordable Care Act is being remade

“Before the ACA was implemented, few states had regulations guaranteeing health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. But the landmark law changed that by attempting to level the playing field across states, while also allowing for some variation. The Supreme Court’s decision making Medicaid expansion optional meant true uniformity was never reached. To make up MORE