February 8, 2018 | Rosemarie Day

Becker’s Hospital CFO Report: What the Amazon, JPMorgan, Berkshire partnership means for healthcare: 35 executives respond

“Q: How do you think the partnership will develop?

Rosemarie Day. President of Day Health Strategies (Somerville, Mass.) and former COO of MassHealth (Boston):

“First, it is important to put this partnership into perspective; these are big names and big companies, but this partnership will only cover the employees of these three businesses, which is a very small portion of the insured population — less than 1 percent. Because these are high-clout businesses and everyone is looking for a silver bullet for healthcare costs, this partnership is getting a lot of attention. However, in terms of actually moving the needle on overall healthcare cost, they may be able to do some innovative things, but they won’t likely be hugely impactful in terms of healthcare costs at this stage.

“An overarching potential benefit of this partnership will be the talent that this partnership can attract. They will likely be able to bring in some of the best and brightest minds to propel technology further and develop better tools for their employees, including an employee choice/private exchange model, decision support tools and data transparency. Additionally, they could bring in people that have done innovative things in the clinical space.
“The bottom line is that this new partnership has the potential to introduce new innovative technology solutions that can help make employees smarter consumers and work with providers to streamline processes; however, this new partnership will not fundamentally change the health cost structure and the problem of high-cost healthcare.””

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