April 3, 2019 | Rosemarie Day

AIS Health: What Are Practical Implications of Dueling Health Care Salvos?

“Industry consultant Rosemarie Day, founder and president of Day Health Strategies LLC, tells AIS Health that plans “have to continue to do their strategic planning and look at all of these various scenarios,” including outright ACA repeal, even if it’s unlikely, since, as she puts it, “it’s almost like the uncertainty of all of this has become the certainty.”

Yet in general she thinks health plans are likely looking down the road. “My guess is that they don’t think they need to worry about it for 2020 because the court case won’t be decided and nothing will happen in Congress this year…but they will consider it for 2021.”

“I think there’s all this noise and swirl, but we are where we are for another year,” says Day, formerly the founding deputy director and chief operating officer of the Massachusetts Health Connector, a state-based model for ACA exchanges.”

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